My Checklist For 2015

As 2015 approaches, I thought it would be a meaningful exercise to first review the things I’ve done in 2014 and then put together a checklist of things I’d like to do in 2015. 

In the past, the thought of setting goals for the New Year wouldn’t occur to me until New Year’s day, hung-over from partying the night before. Unsurprisingly, any hasty “resolutions" I came up with would invariably remain unresolved by year-end. 

This past year, however, was different, and I give this blog a lot of the credit.

I’ve found that the act of publishing my life experiments on this blog for all to see increased the likelihood that I would follow things through to completion.

I've also found that putting things down on “paper” in the form of long-form articles forced me to put significant thought behind whatever it was that I wanted to do.    

Thus the idea behind this annual checklist exercise is to be thoughtful about my goals for 2015 and then use the fear of public embarrassment to help hold me accountable.  

The long-term purpose is to ensure that each and every year is full of new and interesting experiences.

2014 Recap


  • Reached and maintained 10-11% body fat
  • Validated that a minimalist workout routine consisting of bodyweight exercises at home 2x per week is enough to get and stay in shape
  • Validated that eating clean and low-carb (with weekend cheat days) is sustainable and keeps you sexy/lean  


  • Read 29 books
  • Got married 


  • Blogged for the entire year
  • Reduced expenses in mobile gaming business to sustain operations in the absence of growth
  • Launched healthy meal delivery business for Shanghai


  • Visited Jeju Islands in South Korea
  • Visited Rome, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Bologna, Modena, Milan, Venice in Italy

2015 Checklist


  • Take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons
  • Improve flexibility and be able to touch toes


  • Read 36+ books
  • Raise pet for the first time (bought Scottish Fold kitten just last week)
  • Complain less (need a system to track this)


  • Build meal delivery business into a self-sustaining business
  • Launch another new business
  • Throw wedding ceremony/party
  • Continue blogging on ChinaBiohacker 


  • Visit Maldives
  • Visit France
  • Visit Spain

And that's my list. 

There are still a few days left in 2014 so why not put together a list of your own?