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Rice Bulk Experiment: Can I Turn Rice Into Muscle?

Back in May, I had planned on exploring weight gain, but my ridiculous cholesterol levels following my six-pack experiment gave me pause. Before embarking on an experiment that would require me to overeat for a prolonged period of time, I figured it would be best to first experiment more with my diet and get my cholesterol levels back down to levels where doctors don’t freak out. 

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Hacking Body Fat: How To Burn Fat and Gain a Six-Pack in Three Months

After my six-pack in three months experiment, I’ve had quite a few people come to me asking for advice on how to burn fat. Rather than send a list of tips and suggestions to people individually, I figured it would be more efficient to direct people to this article that you are reading now.  

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What Bulletproof Coffee Is Really About and How To Make It The Shanghai Way

Before you start adding anything into your coffee, let's first try to get something straight: a cup of black, unadulterated coffee made from quality coffee beans is amazing all by itself. In addition to tasting great, coffee can help improve mental and physical performance, so it's no wonder that so many people around the world start the day off with a cup of coffee in the morning. 

I myself have been a regular coffee drinker since my college days and always prefer my coffee black. In fact, I find it hard to understand how people can truly appreciate coffee after adding so much stuff to it. It’s incredible how much sugar, cream and more sugar you see people adding to their coffee. My theory is that people who do this may not actually like coffee — it is the sugar-high they are after, with a little caffeine thrown in for good measure. 

So when I first heard about how people were adding globs of butter to their coffee, I wondered whether loading coffee up with fat instead of sugar was really all that different. 

Is chasing a fat-high more worthy than chasing a sugar-high?

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Six Pack in Three Months - Update 3/10

Before I get into the numbers, let's start with some food porn. I've always been somewhat of a foodie, and It's amazing how much more I've come to enjoy eating after going low-carb and restricting myself to one cheat day per week. What used to be casual, obligatory meals have been upgraded into incredible experiences that I look forward to each week (excuse me as I wipe drool from mouth). And it's not just the carbo-loading on my cheat days. It's also about learning to eat nutritious foods on a daily basis that not only make you feel great, but that taste great as well.

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Six Pack in Three Months - Update 2/24

As of my last update on Feb. 10, I had been using an old-school analog scale to measure my weight. I went from 68 kg to 65 kg (weight loss of roughly 7 lbs) in less than 4 weeks. That seemed like a fair amount of weight to lose, but it was hard to know how much progress I was really making without understanding how my body composition (fat vs. lean mass) was changing as well. The very next day, a bunch of biohacking toys that I had ordered online arrived and included an Omron scale that can measure body fat % (you hold onto handle bars while standing on top of the scale) and a set of Slim Guide calipers. I planned to use the Omron scale as the primary method of measuring my body fat % given it's convenience, while using the calipers as an additional reference point (and to use when traveling given it's portability). Excited to finally be able to track my body fat %, I stripped down to nothing and started measuring.

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Six Pack in Three Months - Update #1

So in my excitement and haste to get started with transforming my body (after all I'm on a deadline), I jumped into things without doing proper planning -- something I wisely advised against in my earlier post on measuring. I started listening to interesting podcasts by Abel James and Dave Asprey and got so pumped up to try a bunch of different things that I forgot to heed my own advice about tracking and measuring. This is a common mistake that I struggle with (in business as well) and requires discipline to overcome. Basically when it comes to any "experiment", before making any changes, first define your goal and then determine which limited set of variables you will be changing in order to reach that goal. This is important so that you can better understand what worked and what didn't. If you change too many things at once, how do you know which changes had the greatest positive (or negative) impact? How will you be able to replicate the results in the future if you don't understand the likely causes of those results? 

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Six Pack in Three Months?

So to kick things off, I made a bet with my girlfriend that I could get six pack abs within three months, or before April 15, 2014 to be exact. What are the stakes? A nice steak dinner in Shanghai, where a decent steak can easily set you back at least $100 USD (not including apps, sides, wine, etc). Nothing crazy but certainly beats a challenge without any wager at all.  

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