cheat day

Six Pack in Three Months - Update 3/10

Before I get into the numbers, let's start with some food porn. I've always been somewhat of a foodie, and It's amazing how much more I've come to enjoy eating after going low-carb and restricting myself to one cheat day per week. What used to be casual, obligatory meals have been upgraded into incredible experiences that I look forward to each week (excuse me as I wipe drool from mouth). And it's not just the carbo-loading on my cheat days. It's also about learning to eat nutritious foods on a daily basis that not only make you feel great, but that taste great as well.

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Six Pack in Three Months - Update 2/24

As of my last update on Feb. 10, I had been using an old-school analog scale to measure my weight. I went from 68 kg to 65 kg (weight loss of roughly 7 lbs) in less than 4 weeks. That seemed like a fair amount of weight to lose, but it was hard to know how much progress I was really making without understanding how my body composition (fat vs. lean mass) was changing as well. The very next day, a bunch of biohacking toys that I had ordered online arrived and included an Omron scale that can measure body fat % (you hold onto handle bars while standing on top of the scale) and a set of Slim Guide calipers. I planned to use the Omron scale as the primary method of measuring my body fat % given it's convenience, while using the calipers as an additional reference point (and to use when traveling given it's portability). Excited to finally be able to track my body fat %, I stripped down to nothing and started measuring.

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