Six Pack in Three Months - Update #1

So in my excitement and haste to get started with transforming my body (after all I'm on a deadline), I jumped into things without doing proper planning -- something I wisely advised against in my earlier post on measuring. I started listening to interesting podcasts by Abel James and Dave Asprey and got so pumped up to try a bunch of different things that I forgot to heed my own advice about tracking and measuring. This is a common mistake that I struggle with (in business as well) and requires discipline to overcome. Basically when it comes to any "experiment", before making any changes, first define your goal and then determine which limited set of variables you will be changing in order to reach that goal. This is important so that you can better understand what worked and what didn't. If you change too many things at once, how do you know which changes had the greatest positive (or negative) impact? How will you be able to replicate the results in the future if you don't understand the likely causes of those results? 

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Measure Measure Measure

As an entrepreneur, I'm a huge believer in the "Lean Startup", an incredible book written by Eric Ries that has turned into a movement of sorts to get people thinking about business in a way that often runs counter to conventional business wisdom. I may write a separate post to talk about my take aways from the book but in a nutshell, one of the most important concepts of the "Lean Startup" is this: if you can't measure the results of an action, then it probably isn't worth doing since without being able to measure the results, you will have no idea whether the action resulted in what you assumed it would! To put it another way, you could be doing the same task over and over again for years under the hypothesis that it is beneficial to you when in fact it may have little or even no positive impact on your business, life, etc. And if that's the case, why even do it! 

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