to-do list

Hacking The To-Do List: How To Be More Productive With Your Time

Have you used to-do lists before?

Most of us probably have. In fact, most of us probably have an active to-do list somewhere with tasks beckoning to be checked off.  

But have you thought about why we use to-do lists?

At their simplest, to-do lists prevent us from forgetting tasks. Often these tasks come in the form of mundane tasks like buying stuff from the grocery store — lower priority tasks that aren’t top-of-mind and so we are afraid we might forget. 

But at more advanced levels, to-do lists become mission-critical tools that serve not only to remind, but also to boost productivity, which we can define as making more effective use of our most valuable resource: time. As a wise man once said:

“Time isn’t money. Time is much more valuable than money. We can always make more money, but we’ll never get more time."

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