How to Buy MCT Oil in China

If you live in China and want to buy MCT oil, this is how I get it in Shanghai. It took me several days of research, but now I have MCT Oil in China! Details are below. 

Now Foods MCT Oil

Now Foods MCT Oil

Now Foods MCT Oil 946ml 

  • Price: US$19.11 (can pay in multiple currencies) 
  • Shipping costs: US$12.00 (try to buy more than one product to spread the cost around)
  • Arrived in Shanghai in 14 days
  • Be sure to use the coupon code: WQC840 to receive a discount on your shopping cart and to give me credit for the referral (thanks!!)

iHerb is the cheapest supplier I've found for MCT oil and other supplements in general. Just be aware that the delivery times are longer as they ship directly from the U.S. There is also an easy but somewhat cumbersome process to submit your identification info for customs purposes at You will receive an email with instructions after placing your order. In my opinion, it's a small hassle in exchange for being able to buy great products at U.S. prices.