Hacking The To-Do List: How To Be More Productive With Your Time

Have you used to-do lists before?

Most of us probably have. In fact, most of us probably have an active to-do list somewhere with tasks beckoning to be checked off.  

But have you thought about why we use to-do lists?

At their simplest, to-do lists prevent us from forgetting tasks. Often these tasks come in the form of mundane tasks like buying stuff from the grocery store — lower priority tasks that aren’t top-of-mind and so we are afraid we might forget. 

But at more advanced levels, to-do lists become mission-critical tools that serve not only to remind, but also to boost productivity, which we can define as making more effective use of our most valuable resource: time. As a wise man once said:

“Time isn’t money. Time is much more valuable than money. We can always make more money, but we’ll never get more time."

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The Sustainable Six-Pack Diet: 6 Guidelines For Eating Clean And Staying Lean Long-Term

At the end of September last year, I put an end to my obsession with tracking my meals.

I had been experimenting with diet and nutrition for nine months prior and decided it was time to test out whether I could take what I'd learned and synthesize it into a simple set of guidelines for eating clean that I could follow indefinitely with minimal effort.

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Hacking Self-Improvement: How To Become 37x Better Each Year

Do you have a book that you've been meaning to read for a long time but just haven't gotten around to it? 

For me that book was "Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. The book sat on my iBookshelf for nearly three years until I finally dusted off the imaginary cobwebs and started reading what is now one of my favorite books. 

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5 Reasons Why Food Tracking (Not Calorie Counting) Will Forever Change The Way You Eat

I’ve been tracking my meals consistently for the past nine months, and I can honestly say that the habit has completely changed the way I look at food. 

The more commonly used term for food tracking is “calorie counting”, but I avoid using that term since calories really shouldn't be the focus when deciding on what to eat. Instead the focus should be put on food quality and macronutrient content, which I’ll get into later.   

Below are five reasons (from obvious to less obvious) why I think tracking your food — for even a brief period of time — can have a profound impact on the way you eat.

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Rice Bulking Update: Bring On The Gluten

It's been one month since I started my Rice Bulking Experiment. The goal here is to learn how to spend minimal time and effort to gain weight and muscle mass while staying lean.

The reason I'm calling this a "rice bulk" is because I've been using white rice to make up for the increase in calories I need on top of my formerly-low-carb diet. White rice is inexpensive and easy to prepare in large batches. This has allowed me to keep the rest of my weekly routine relatively consistent in terms of meal prep.

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Rice Bulk Experiment: Can I Turn Rice Into Muscle?

Back in May, I had planned on exploring weight gain, but my ridiculous cholesterol levels following my six-pack experiment gave me pause. Before embarking on an experiment that would require me to overeat for a prolonged period of time, I figured it would be best to first experiment more with my diet and get my cholesterol levels back down to levels where doctors don’t freak out. 

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